Have a question about the travel quest adventure? Below is our list of FAQs, and we hope it helps! But, if you can’t find the question or answer you are looking for, please reach out to or send us an email info@212Quest.com

About us

Who is 212Quest?

212Quest is a travel adventure company that organizes adventurous world travels that go beyond the norm. What we do differently is – offer you a new form of traveling that is challenging, engaging, and highly entertaining by adding treasure hunts to make for a truly unique experience. Can you solve real-life puzzles or follow adventurous trails that lead to dreamy and mysterious locations around the world? Then this travel adventure is your chance to a once-in-a-lifetime fun!

Where do you travel?

The better question is, where do you want to go? We run treasure hunt travel adventures in various locations around the world. All you have to do is choose a tour package on our catalog, and we take you there!

General FAQ

Where do your travel quest adventures take place?

Our treasure hunt travel adventure takes place in various locations across the world. But these locations are highly dependent on the tour package of your choice. So, if you join a South Africa quest travel tour – it means the treasure hunt travel is taking place in South Africa.

Can you please explain the travel quest adventure to me?

With our travel quest adventures, you get more than sightseeing. We added challenging and highly entertaining treasure hunt games to give you a one-of-a-kind travel experience. So, it is a competition! You compete with fellow travelers by completing tasks and earning points to give you a shot at some of our winner’s prizes. Simply put, the more task you complete, the better chance you have at winning the game. We keep track of the points and present our top three winners at the end of the tour. The winner gets up to a 100% refund of their participatory fees. So, if you are an adventurous traveler looking for more ways to have fun – you should definitely join our quest tours!

Did you say up to 100% participatory fees refund?

Yes, we did. The first-place gets a 100% refund. The second-place winner gets a 50% refund, and the third-place winner a 25% refund of their participatory fees.

Who can participate?

Anyone above the age of 18 (regardless of their age, religion, weight, sex, or gender) with a flair for adventure can join our quest tours. So, if you love traveling and are also open to going on an adventurous treasure hunt across multiple cities, then this quest is for you!

How do I join the quest tour?

First of all, you have to go to our website and check out our quest tour catalog. Choose a quest tour, fill in your details, and pay for it. It is that simple!

What type of traveling style should I expect?

Your traveling style depends on your choice of quest tour. If you choose a cruise quest tour, you will be living on a ship. But, if you choose a road quest tour package, your accommodation ranges from inns, hotels, and B&B’s. The place you stay during your road trips is selected based on unique charm, and location.

What is the level of difficulty for each quest tour?

Our quest tours are not athletics competitions. We give you moderate/light activities that bring you joy and lots of fun.

How do I get my visa?

Different countries have different visa rules. Some countries require you to apply and get your visa online before you start your trip. Others allow you to get a visa upon your arrival at the airport. We suggest that you go directly to the embassy website of the country you are visiting and find out their visa rules.

Do I need a passport for international quest tours?

Yes, you do. You need an international passport for trips outside your country. Please ensure that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date your tour starts.

What type of vaccines do I need to take?

The vaccinations you need depend on the country you are visiting. So, we recommend seeing a medical practitioner 4-6 weeks before your trip to get the appropriate shots. But, the common types of vaccines recommended for every traveler include the measles-mumps-rubella (MMS & MMRV) vaccine, Typhoid/Polio shots, Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td & Tdap), and even anti-malaria shots. Because of the pandemic, travelers are expected to have a valid proof of Covid-19 vaccinations with them at all times. You will also be tested for Covid-19 before you enter the country and when you are leaving.

Do I need a travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend you protect yourself on every quest tour with a travel insurance plan. This will help you take care of any surprises like medical bills.

Will travelers be safe during the quest tours?

Yes, you will be safe. Your safety matters to us, and we will not compromise that by taking you to unsafe locations.

How much pocket money do I need?

We can’t give a direct answer to this question because everybody has different needs and wants. But, here’s an advice: come with enough money to take care of your needs. You might want to try out street food, get souvenirs or tip servers, and having less money can spoil things for you.

What if I don’t want to participate in any activity?

Activities during our quest tours are optional. If you don’t feel like going on a bike ride or mountain hike, that’s okay! Just tell your travel guide, and they might come up with an alternative activity for you.

Do I need local currency?

If you want to tip service people, pay for souvenirs, shop in local markets, or eat street food, we recommend getting some cash in local currency. You can exchange your money for local currencies before your trip or in the country you are visiting.

Must I be a single/solo traveler?

No. No rule says you must be a solo traveler to join our quest tours. You can come with your family or friends.

Custom Adventures FAQ

Do you build custom quest tours?

Yes, we do! If you want something different, we can make that happen. Call us or send us an email on what you want, where you want it, and your budget.

Do you build custom quest tours?

Yes, we do! If you want something different, we can make that happen. Call us or send us an email on what you want, where you want it, and your budget.

What is the minimum or maximum group size for a custom quest tour?

There are no maximum or minimum group sizes for custom quest tours. We design each custom tour according to your preference. Just tell us what you want and leave the rest to us!

Is there any age limit for a custom tour?

No, there is no age limit for a custom tour. We design and build a quest tour based on the ages of the guest you have in mind.


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