What Is A Scavenger Hunt?


19 April 2020

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Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? If your answer is ‘no’, you have been missing out on a whole lot of crazy fun! A scavenger hunt is an extensive adventurous game in which players compete against each other to see who gets the most items or performs the most activities from a predetermined list. This game makes use of smart writing, humor, tricky questions, and real-world discoveries to get people intrigued, engaged, and have blasting fun together. It is also a good way to share an adventure with loved ones, have quality bonding time, and importantly have mad fun.

The main idea behind a scavenger hunt is to create a list of things that players need to find or activities that need to be performed within a specific time frame. And the first person or team to get most or all the items on the list becomes the winner of the scavenger hunt. But scavenger hunts are more than collecting objects; it also involves taking pictures or videos of an object and answering tricky questions that lead to amazing discoveries. Sounds like something you would love to do right?

Who Can Participate In A Scavenger Hunt?

Anybody can participate in a scavenger hunt. The game is open to all age groups and all you need is a sharp mind, comfortable shoes and you are on your way to having a truckload of fun. At 212Quest, we offer kids, team-building or employee hunts, adult and public scavenger hunts. And these hunts can range from trivia contests to murder mysteries, escape game puzzles, and holiday-themed games.

Where Can A Scavenger Hunt Take Place?

A scavenger hunt can take place anywhere from homes and neighborhoods to outdoor parks, indoor malls, zoos, hotels, and even museums. Scavenger hunts like QR code, GPS, photo, and digital games can also be done online from the comfort of your bed and phone.

How To Create A Scavenger Hunt?

Ready to go on a scavenger hunt? Let’s give you a few tips on how to create a fun hunt.

  • Get Participants: A scavenger hunt without participants is boring and no fun. So the first thing you need to do is get friends, co-workers, or anybody you intend playing with and tell them about the hunt. You can also divide them into teams if you don’t want them playing individually.


  • Choose A Location: Next step is to choose a location for your hunt. It could be within your house, in the neighborhood, in public parks, or anywhere you want. Just make sure you choose the right location for the group of players you are creating the hunt for. Also, check out the weather if you are playing outdoors, we don’t want players catching a cold or tripping down slippery paths.


  • Make A List Of The Items You Want Players To Collect In The Hunt: The items could be anything like logos, coins, stickers, a Christmas card, coupon, or even digital stuff like photos, QR code, GPS coordinates, or videos. You can also add tricky questions, creative riddles, and humorous writing to make it more fun and challenging.


  • Set A Time Limit: Running around looking for clues sounds fun until you’re doing it for more than 2 hours, then it turns to a chore and you don’t want people getting tired. The best thing to do is, set an appropriate time limit for the hunt – not more than 2 hours. This way, people don’t get tired or bored and still enjoy playing the game.
  • Set Rules: Setting rules in your scavenger hunt makes it more challenging and interesting. Do you want them to purchase, loan, or take pictures of an item? The last thing you need in your hunt is chaos or confusion and setting rules helps you avoid both. Make sure you tell the players the rules after giving them the clues.


  • Use Mobile App: There are mobile phone applications and platforms that make it easy to create a digital or real-life scavenger hunt effortlessly. One of those platforms is the 212Quest that specializes in creating customized and fun scavenger hunts for kids, adults, and employees. So, if you are running out of creative activities to include in your hunt or don’t want to stress yourself in planning a scavenger hunt, online platforms and mobile applications like 212Quest are there to help you out.


  • Have Fun: All your scavenger hunt activities must be designed to give players crazy fun. If it doesn’t sound like fun, rework it and make it more interesting.

Conclusion: Scavenger hunts are an inexpensive but adventurous way to add more spice to your fun meeting with friends, family get-togethers, birthday or holiday parties, picnics, and team-bonding activities. No matter what your plans are, there is a hunt for every interest and age-group. And if you need professional help in planning a scavenger hunt, our team at 212Quest is committed to delivering the best hunt games you can ever dream of.