Lefkada Sailing Adventure in Greece

6 - 9 Days





18 years


Your 8 days of amazing sailing adventure plus treasure hunt starts here!

Surrounded by the calm Ionian Sea and joined to the Greek mainland by road, Lefkada is a beautiful small island that ticks all your boxes of holiday fun and adventure. This stunning destination is known for its eye-popping turquoise beaches, white crescent-shaped cliffs, home of Odysseus, delicious Ionian delicacies, lots of caves scattered all over the island, and a plethora of water sport activities for unending entertainment.

And to make sure the excitement never dies out, we have added a series of funny treasure hunt games to keep you hyped throughout your holiday period! You will follow sandy trails solving puzzles, visiting caves for clues, or digging through the white sand beaches for an extra answer to lead you to all the locations we have planned for you! But, that’s not all! You also stand a chance to get 100%, 50%, or a 25% refund of your participatory fee when you become our first-place, second-place, or third-place winner!

So get on board and let’s give you the best holiday of a lifetime!

Day by day

You will start your Greek Islands sailing holiday in Lefkas town on Lefkada Island. If you arrive early, you can explore the wonderful Greek Island and her beautiful postcard beaches.  If you have a day or two on the island before your trip, be sure to hire a car and explore the island, you'll have fantastic views, perfect beaches and you'll be spoiled for choice with the local restaurants.  After checking in, we're off to Porto Spilla on Meganisi.

Our first stop of your Greece sailing vacation is Porto Spilla in Meganisi.  Porto Spilla is a quiet port of Meganisi island and its port welcomes private yachts throughout summer.  We have a private beach and can dine right on the water's edge.  In the morning we'll set sail off for the Blue Caves of Lefkas to kick-start your Greek Sailing Holiday in style! Prepared to be amazed.

Sailing the Greek Islands is a magical event, so while on your yacht charter, we will take you to a place of legend; Ithica, the home of Odysseus, the King who left his wife and home in pursuit of victory at the battle of Troy.  Ithaca is a peaceful island, ideal for relaxing and enjoying a slower pace of life and some of the meals the local tavernas prepare stay true to the ancient recipes of an older time.    On our way to Vathy, we'll stop off to explore the Blue Caves!

Whilst on your private yacht for the week, no trip is complete without stopping at Kefalonia, which is the largest island in the Ionian Sea.  Famous for it’s exotic beaches, including Antisamos and Skala are stunningly beautiful beaches we’ll pass on the way to Sami, where you can make your way to the Melissani Cave,  lounge on the glorious beaches or explore the island at your own pace.

Today is adventure day and can explore the Melissani Caves, hire a scooter and drive to Myrtos Beach.  The scenary is breathtaking.

Fiskardo must have THE BEST RESTAURANTS in the Ionian!  We almost need to stay a week to explore all the restaurants here.  This isn’t a secret and a lot of boats come to this special little place, so we need to get there early if we want to get a place on the town quay. No Greek sailing holiday is complete without stopping here for dinner.  Greek Island sailing holidays are about a unique experience and Fiscardo at night takes on an entirely different perspective. The lights, the old buildings, cafés, bars and restaurants all combine to provide a magical Mediterranean atmosphere.  Of  all the villages on Kefalonia, Fiscardo stands out as having a unique ambience, especially on a summer evening.

When you think about sailing the Greek Islands, you think about cleat water, beautiful beaches and white cliffs.  This is it. We sail you to Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada Island, which is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches.  It is also in the top of the list of best beaches in Europe each year. You will absolutely fall in love with the beach and won't want to leave, ever. We will stop for lunch and swim before heading to Sivota Bay.

Greece sailing holidays are know for protected harbours, and Sivota is one of the nicest natural harbours and one of the most picturesque fishing village in whole Ionion.  After parking the boat, you’ll stroll the streets soaking up the special atmosphere of the magical bay.

We'll sail the catamaran to Papa Nicholas Caves where it’s said that it was a secret hideout during World War II for the submarine Papanikolis of the Italian armada. After a swim and exploration, we’ll sail to a final stop for the trip.

After sailing the Greek Islands on your private yacht for the week, we have one last trick up our sleeves for your afternoon delight, Ormos Vrako.

Whether you've had a cabin or private charter, we hope that your Greek Island sailing holiday was truly special.

We head to the main island of Lefkada and to the town of Lefkas to explore and enjoy the small town and divine restaurants. There is no shortage of mouth-watering restaurants to choose from and we will ensure to take you there.

Sadly it's time to go

What's included

  • Seven nights accommodation on your luxury private yacht
  • Lagoon 42 catamaran

Not included

  • Flights before and after the tour are not included in the tour price.